Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birkenstock would be many people’s first choice in hot summer

Nowadays ,wearing Birkenstock shoes has become a must among fashionable people .

The reasom for Birkenstock’s popularity is its unique material ,which is thought good for your feet according to the medical field .But have you ever pay attention to your Birkenstock shoes?Have you noticed the soles of its shoes before?Maybe you only say it is very comfortable to wear ,but do you really know why ?Because the soles of Birkenstock sandals are made of soft wood ,which is always been made into corks for many years .But do you know why Birkenstock choose to adopt this special materials ,soft wood, in stead of normal materials .They said soft wood is really light ,sturdy ,practical ,and also said only good soft wood can be made into corks .Birkenstock uses this kind of soft wood ,and then mix them with nature rubber and compress into soles ,which you can see from Birkenstock sandals ’s ,many stars also choose Birkenstock as their first choice when they show on TV for it’s soft ,comfortable ,fashionable .One even says if my feet can talk ,they must say I love them so much ,and really, they are so soft .If you want this feeling ,just choose one for your feet ,and let them tell you .

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