Monday, July 4, 2011

Just Buy Birkenstock

Brikenstock is your first choice.

In modern world ,health is becoming more and more important .To have good health ,sports is necessary .But for sports ,what is necessary ?The answer is a pair of good shoes not only soft , comfortable ,but practical and light .We all know Birkenstok at first only made shoes for the royalty in Germany .But in 1902,the first flexible arch support was made by Konrad Birkenstock,one of Birkenstok  family members .
Then ,he developed the first flexible arch support to be inserted in factory-made shoes and mass-produced.So,many normal people can buy and till now .Later ,they began to cooperated with the medical world in 1913 to further developed his unique soles and gained a lot of attention .They say this kind of shoes can let your feet relax no matter where you go and what you do when wearing this sort of shoes .Also ,they say ,it is good for your feet ,because its materials are made of soft wood ,so your feet will always be comfortable,and for girls ,these shoes won't like high heels sometimes making your feet deformation when one become older.For boys ,it is a good choice for you to play basketball or other sports and they will more flexible .

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