Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bape only for high quality lifestyle.

How to make your brand products are so popular among young people ,and sell to people worldwide,and let them fall in love with your products.How to make your products always as popular as the famous brand,Bape?

Recently ,in a magazine Bape’s founder told their ways of making their products very popular .Bathing apes is now a very famous brand and famous for its fashion ,cute design style,high technique . The cute icon ,a little monkey, of course can make its products more popular.

But do you know why a new brand ,which has been for only a few decades .its designer called nigo ,or its owner ,always emphasize the goal of setting up Bape is not to make money or let you buy their products ,but enjoy the the way of life ,the quality of life .therefore, the quality is very good .In HongKong .Nigo once closed the first overseas Bape Specialty Store at first ,since many consumers there ignore the concept of modern lifestyle .Second ,he never agrees to mass-produce his products since his goal is not for making money ,only does this for things that he loves and enjoys.For producers , maybe this is worth your attention .

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