Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why birkenstock shoes are so popular worldwide?

If you ask people whether they like Birkenstock sandals ?The answer is no one says no.Why people are so enthusiastic about Birkenstock shoes?Are Birkenstock sandalsreally so good and so popular ? The answer is when you really try them on you will find it so soft,flexible,sturdy,and light to wear.
Birkenstock is a German brand,which sells sandals worldwide. Recently ,we joint it to have a look at why its shoes are so popular and everyone like them so much.
This famous shoes brand mainly produces sandals and other leisure shoes ?which feature the sole made of soft wood and rubber. They bought the soft wood,which is the same as one producers made into corks,and then are pulverized,and next is to mix with late.The last step is to compress them into soles.With these,the soft,popular,flexible shoes come in. But,Birkenstock's features are not only this kind of material,but high technique.Take theclassic sandalsfor example,they make them fit humans' feet by using ergonomic technique,which is always Birken's theory of making shoes.In this hot summer ,buy one pair for yourself,and let your feet fresh.

Bathing Ape's Father ---nigo

For most young people not only in japan ,even around the world ,they know bape very well .but how much do you really know about it’s funder ---nigo .

Just like every one ,nigo also has sth he is interested in .so when he set up his brand---- bape .many people would asked why you produced 50 piece every style ,and only sell 20 to its  shoppers.he said it is only his interest ,not for making money. Nigo ,who is a designer ,was born in japan in 1970,and then  went to his college ,culture and clothes college ,then studied there for a few years .now he becomes a famous designer in japan .but why he set up his brand ,and then named it bape .?when asked what does bape mean ,he said a bathing ape,and its offical name is a bathing ape in lukewarm water  .and he also told he got this inspiration from a very .famous   movie .later he uses the classic slogan of the movie  –ape shall never kill ape as his logo of his brand and the element of his bape ‘s products has sold worldwide ,and now bape has 20 branches worldwide ,and its funder nigo is worth NT$3billion ,and in december 2008 nigo mentioned he and his girlfriend love each other very much ,who is a famous star .