Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wireless RF rgb remote controller

wireless RF rgb remote control


Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Namesunricher
Model NumberSR-2806
TypeRemote Control
Operation Frequency868MHZ/915MHZ
colourBlack / white
matchingRGB cocntrollers

Detailed Product Description

rgb remote control
(1) 10 ZONES remote control by 1 remote
(2) matching with SR-1003RC/1012RC/1022R
rgb remote control
Matching with 1003RC/ 1012RC/1022RC RGB controller.
Working frequency: 868MHZ or 915MHZ, conform to Local Europe and US laws
Comply to R&TTE and FCC
Touch sensor technology Color is applied to color SR-2806, easy to operate
Neat design, high performance and durable,
  By selecting switch state, you can set the system as RGB 3-channel output, or RGBY 4-channel output. Use Easy RGB(Y) remote controller, you can get whatever color you want; you can choose any color from RGB(Y) to adjust so as to mix more than 100 million kinds of colors.  With built-in 10 kinds of color moving modes, you can easily switch moving modes and adjust moving speed and brightness. When mode is changing, you can use pause function, let the RGB (Y) light to stay at your favorite color. All operation is very simple, but function is powerful.
There are three working frequencies for option: 434MHZ,868MHZ or 915MHZ, they are suitable for Europe, Americas and all global market demands .All product completely comply with European CE regulations and American FCC regulations

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