Monday, November 14, 2011

Windows built-in vpn config: Use Default Gateway on Remote Network

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The description for the checkbox "Use Default Gateway on Remote Network" is a little outdated and confusing.  It states:

This checkbox only applies when you are connected to a local network and a dial-up network simultaneously.  When checked, data that cannot be sent on the local network is forwarded to the dial-up network.

What it should really read is something along the lines of:

When checked, all network data will be sent through the VPN connection gateway.  When unchecked, network data will attempt to travel through your local gateway, then through the VPN gateway.

If you don't want to use your VPN for your local network traffic, then you'll want to uncheck this box.  Some VPNs actually require that this box remained checked as per company policy, so check with your networking team to be sure.

I write something here doesn't mean i am some authoritative, i just want to tell what i find.

I live in china now. and i connect to a vpn server to access some blocked sites by,facebook,twitter.some google services,etc.

when i checked the box : Use Default Gateway on Remote Network
i can load the blocked site. But when i load the normal(which are not blocked by the GFW), it is very slow. that definitely means ALL DATA ARE  SENT THROUGH THE REMOTE DEFAULT GATEWAY.

when i unchecked the box: Use Default Gateway on Remote Network
i can load all normal sites, but the blocked site by GFW cant be accessed  at all.

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