Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 leaves far-reaching impact on FATA

LANDIKOTAL: The so-called war on terror has pushed peaceful tribal areas
into a state of protracted civil war that will not end in the next one

"Tribesmen have always paid a heavy price for the security and integrity
of Pakistan, but in return the custodians of borders have showered
bombshells on their houses, mosques, hujras, schools and other
infrastructure besides killing innocent tribal women, children and
elders," tribesmen expressed their views in a survey conducted by Daily
Times in Khyber Agency.

The US regime led by George Bush in the same breath blamed the Al Qaeda
leadership based in Afghanistan for the deadliest attacks on Pentagon
and twin towers of the World Trade Center in USA soon after the horrific
tragedy of 9/11.

Although, the US regime and its intelligence agencies, CIA and FBI, did
not waste any time to have thoroughly investigated worst incident of the
US history, which was surely a great failure of the US intelligence
network or their own handiwork to find a pretext to invade Afghanistan
to destroy it completely.

The tribesmen held the then US regime responsible for sabotaging the
peaceful atmosphere in the tribal areas besides Afghanistan, which, they
asserted, was an abode of peace and tranquility.

Tribal people opined that after 9/11, the US Air Force and its allies,
including Pakistan, dismantled the social system and the jirga
institution in the entire FATA to continue the alien war. They said that
poor and backward tribesmen had nothing to do with terrorism anywhere in
the world nor the tribesmen had invited the warmongers to seek shelter
in the tribal belt or to use this soil against anyone. "Rather, the
international players wreaked all this havoc," they opined.

Around 98 percent tribal people believe in peaceful co-existence. "So
war against innocent tribal people in FATA has no legitimacy and
justification," they asserted. They said that the civil and military
establishment earned billions of dollars for thrusting the war on tribal
people in order to appease the US. "The coward former dictator, General
(r) Pervez Musharraf, aligned Pakistan with the US-led NATO forces in
the war against terror that produced very harmful results for
tribesmen," Abdul Wahid Khan commented. "Taliban in reaction resorted to
incessant assaults on the NATO supplies passing through Khyber Pass
under the notorious treaty of logistic support signed by Musharraf,
which caused irreparable loss to the tribal transporters, common men and
local residents," he added.

"The growing insurgency in Khyber, like other parts of FATA, also made
social and business activities volatile and standstill in this part of
the tribal region," he opined, adding that extremists destroyed
educational institutes in the entire FATA that adversely affected the
system of education.

"He said that 9/11 had narrowed living conditions of tribal people who
had nothing to do with terrorism in any part of the world or the
country," Iqbal Afridi remarked and said that the ruling class labeled
tribesmen as terrorists or supporters of terrorists. "An alien war,
which is very deplorable, has been thrust upon tribal people that
strengthened bureaucracy in FATA and exploited our resources," Afridi
observed. He said that tribesmen suffered a lot financially during the
last 10 years. "The ongoing military operations and militancy violated
all basic human rights of the tribal people but unfortunately the
government and the judiciary both did not take any notice of these
sufferings and did nothing to alleviate them," Iqbal Khan commented. "We
have suffered tremendously and humiliated in the so-called war on
terror," he regretted.

"9/11 proved to be a great disaster for FATA," Rahat Shinwari, a social
activist, said. "It brought civil war, insecurity, terror and
instability to the entire FATA." commented. Arshad Ali, a young

He said that tribal areas were labeled as safe sanctuaries for militants
that led to the cruel and unjustified military operations in FATA, as a
result of which militancy grew that provided an excuse for the
continuity of so-called war on terror. "Due to military offensives,
millions of modest and peace loving people were forced to migrate from
their hometowns in FATA to safer places in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa," he said,
adding that uncountable children, women and other people were killed in
the war between militants and military.

"Business and trade centers, hujras, mosques and homes besides
educational institutes were either bulldozed or blown up with explosive
materials in the whole FATA, which has further pushed the tribal people
into backwardness, poverty and illiteracy," he said and maintained that
elders and patriot citizens of Pakistan lost their lives in the tribal
regions from Bajaur to South Waziristan, which has produced very
negative impact on social life in FATA.

He also lamented that the elected parliamentarians from FATA and those
sitting in the FATA secretariat embezzled and usurped billions of US
dollars in the name of development but the fact was that the entire
FATA.'s infrastructure had been annihilated. "Every passing day reminds
us of the 9/11, as we see and notice only destruction and bloodshed of
the innocent people," Arshad Ali Afridi observed.

However, he was certain that the American CIA was the main culprit that
had planned and carried out attacks on the twin towers in US just to
wage a war to protect its political and financial vested interests both
in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Shaukat Zakhakhel termed 9/11 a deep-rooted conspiracy of Jews that
pushed tribal children out of schools and made them beggars. "The chief
justice of Pakistan and human rights organisations must take notice of
violation of human rights in the restive tribal regions. If Chief
justice of Supreme Court takes a suo motu notice of the killings in
Karachi, why not he takes a suo motu action against the extra judicial
killings in FATA that has gloomed the entire FATA, Shaukat Zakha Khan
regretted. If we are constitutional citizens of Pakistan then we are
justified to ask the parliament and the judiciary to stop the wide
spread killings and the violation of the basic human rights. 9/11 has
brought destruction to FATA which had no concern with the attacks on the
twin towers, Shaukat Zakha Khel commented. Our roads, hospitals,
communication systemand the complete infrastructure has been annihilated
after the 9/11, which is an irreparable loss, he concluded.

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