Monday, August 1, 2011

The products of Adidas and Jeremy Scott is perfect.

The shoes of Adidas by Jeremy Scott wait for you .For all the products of adidas by Jeremy Scott have attracted more and more attention .With the worldfamous designer Jeremy Scott ,who is ,and the worldfamous sports manufacturer adidas,the products are always the hot cake among so many products in the fashion  world .Jeremy Scott is from America ,and he is famous for his outrageous design.
Some of his famous designs are adidas originals ,jeremy scott panda ,and he won many prizes .Adidas has many fans like Lionel Andrés Messi,who is a famous football player from Argentina and Caroline Wozniacki,who is tennis player .
So this time the products of adidas by Jeremy Scott SLM will catch the whole world's eyes.For this one ,each of the shoes is blue ,red and white and it has white shoelaces.And ,of course ,the combination of red and blue is the point of Jeremy Scott's idea.There is a figure of eight  ,which makes you thought of the bowling.The thermoplastic elastomer bottom has more old times .So,this time it will attract more and more attention from all over the world ,especially the fans and the fashion world.

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